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New Era Tissue Salts provide your complete source of essential minerals. These unique tissue salts are highly bio-available,  effective  and suitable for the whole family – the ideal way to restore healthy day to day functioning and balance of the body.

Ultimate Life was founded out of a passion to produce high quality natural health and wellness products to support your Ultimate Life. Created from nature, formulated by science, this range is made right here in New Zealand.

The old adage’ an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure is the most practical and logical approach to healthy living with nutritional and life style factors offering the most logical approach to prevention.

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Colic & Indigestion

A happy, healthy baby is something all parents want and dream of. It’s stressful enough when the newborn comes along unsettling regular household routines, disrupting sleep patterns, creating


The immune system protects the body from disease or potentially damaging foreign invaders. It is intricately tied up with the digestive, nervous and endocrine systems, hence a compromised

Skin Health

Natural Glow Our skin is the largest organ in the body, composed of the same connective tissues that are found around bones and muscles. It is continuously shedding

Healthy Bowels

When it comes to topics of the “nether regions” addressing what is happening, and more importantly, what isn’t happening down there is not a subject embraced with enthusiasm.

Exhaustion & Fatigue

Exhaustion, tiredness and fatigue are not symptoms that define any one particular disease or symptom. Causes can range from lack of sleep and over exercise, to diet and